Der K&K Onlineshop ist exklusiv für Gewerbetreibende


Terms of use



Keller & Kalmbach is a wholesale company for the exclusive use of tradespeople. This also applies to use of the Internet shop.


The requirement for shopping online is one-time registration. All data provided by the user when registering must be true. Keller & Kalmbach must be immediately informed of any later changes in relevant data. The user should ensure that they can be reached at the e-mail address provided and that messages sent (order confirmations, etc.) will be received.



After successful registration user data (user ID and password) will be sent to the user. User data must be kept in a safe place and protected against access by unauthorised third parties. The user must change the password before using the online shop for the first time.


Ordering from the Internet shop

You can reach Keller & Kalmbach at any time and we will be glad to help if you have any questions when ordering from the Internet shop.


Order confirmation

Once you have sent off your order you will receive an order confirmation directly on screen and via e-mail, which you can then also print.


Additional order information

Additional order information like cost centre, type of costs, order numbers, etc. can be saved for all orders. So clear information will be provided on all documents from Keller & Kalmbach to help you assign the orders and articles quickly.


Printing orders

You have the option to print the order before sending it off.


Realisation of the contract

All offers of Keller & Kalmbach in the online shop are subject to confirmation and are non-binding. The user can select as many items as they wish and place these in the shopping basket. The contents of the shopping basket can be changed or the basket emptied at any time. At the bottom of the page there is an "order" button. When you press this button you are placing a binding order with Keller & Kalmbach for the items in the basket. At the same time you accept the General Terms and Conditions of Business, which can be viewed at any time by pressing the respective button in the footer.

The user will then receive an order confirmation promptly. A contract is only realised once an order confirmation has been sent or on delivery of the products ordered. The user can view current orders in the order section of the online shop on reentry.


Purchase on account

As a registered customer of Keller & Kalmbach you can simply order goods on account. You will receive the invoice by mail after the goods are delivered.

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